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Dr. Wynn Shang DMD

Dr. Wynn Shang DMD

Dr. Wynn Shang graduated from Midwestern University – Arizona in 2017 with a passion for dentistry. His personal philosophy in life is to be honest, courteous, and humorous. He applies what he believes in life into dentistry and his office as well. 

You can always believe that he is very straightforward and caring.

His way of dentistry is very methodical. He will always listen to you first, provide different options and their risks, benefits, and alternatives, and then carry out the treatment. He’s a firm believer of being informed because he too had the experience of being swindled as a customer and he does not wish to do business in such a way by concealing facts.

On the days that he’s not being a dentist, he enjoys relaxing at home when his wife is not there to tell him what to do.  He also enjoys being an uncle to his niece and nephew.