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Ceramic Crowns in Huntington Beach, California

Advanced technology allows more conservative treatment

Dental crowns are one of the best ways we have to protect damaged teeth. Crowns cover the outside damaged teeth like a cap, providing patients with a functional replacement while preserving your natural tooth’s root. This helps keep your jawbone healthy. 

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Benefits of dental crowns

The biggest benefits of dental crowns include:

Our ceramic crowns are masters of disguise

All our dental crowns are made with durable ceramic colored to blend in with your natural teeth. Our ceramic crowns are so good at mimicking teeth that telling them apart is nearly impossible.

Can dental crowns help me? Are there other options?

Dental crowns have many applications from addressing cosmetic imperfections to remedying structural damage to your teeth. In some cases, we may recommend dental fillings as an alternative, especially in the case of minor imperfection in a tooth’s surface.

Following a quick examination we’ll be able to determine your suitability for the following types of crowns:

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Did you know?

  • Dental fillings are often sufficient for small defects, but once filling are no longer an option, crown become necessary
  • Stronger ceramic materials allowed for the birth of inlay/onlay, which can serve as options for medium size defects
  • Although it takes longer than a filling, with proper care crowns last a very long time
  • New technology allows us to perform same-day inlay/onlay in many cases