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Why Filling May Not Be The Best For You


One of the most commonly associated word to dentist

The sigh of relief you give when your dentist tells you “it’s a filling” instead of “root canal”

But do you know what it really is?

Filling is a common term used to describe the act of repairing a defect, or cavity. Silver Filling, or Amalgam, are the go-to material until resin composite and chemical bonding came along. It did the job beautifully...until not

Material Science advanced and materials underwent scrutiny on their longevity and the finding is less than stellar.
It was noted that during the process of curing the resin composite material, or tooth-colored filling as widely known, enormous force pulls the material away from the tooth structure, leaving microscopic gaps that is difficult to detect, but big enough for bacteria to harbor.

I’m sure by now with the keyword microscopic gap and bacteria you will be able to formulate a conclusion: cavity.

This microscopic gap is created by a process called “Polymerization Shrinkage” and could be the culprit to developing cavities underneath old fillings.

There are ways to combat polymerization shrinkage, but can it be done consistently? Doubtful.