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Dental Insurance is NOT the same as Medical Insurance

Now say that 3 times, tattoo it onto your arm, and tell everyone you know

Did we get your attention?!

Dental Insurance does not work like your health insurance.

Every procedure has an out-of-pocket and that amount is determined by a percentage that was established by your employer

Maximum Annual Benefit is the amount your plan will help you per year. That is determined by your employer as well.

Our office is contracted with major PPO dental insurances, and by being contracted with them means everything we do we have to follow their rules. If there’s anything you are not happy with in terms insurance, just know that you should take it up with your employer and the insurance company, not us. 

We are not a Jerry Springer set, so we do not get involved in the love triangle between you, your employer, and your dental insurance. 

We can help!

We know dentistry can be expensive, which is why at Wynning Smiles we have a membership program that can help you


20% OFF*

Everything is 20% Off. Period.

TWO 6-months Exams and TWO Regular Cleaning Included

In order to keep your mouth at tip-top shape, it is imperative to see your dentist every 6 months for exams and x-rays. Now that it's covered, you have no reason not to come!

Two Emergency Exams + Xrays included

Emergency happens. We don't want you to worry so two emergency exams and xrays are included for your peace of mind. Any additional exams and xrays will be $50

* Cannot be combined with financing

** Exclusion Applies