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Are you ready to start the New Year with a brand new smile? At Wynning Smiles in Huntington Beach, Dr. Wynn Shang are here to help you boost your confidence and happiness in 2023. We provide smile enhancements for every budget, so you don’t have to hide your smile from the world any longer. With our professional care and treatment options, you can start off the New Year with the smile you’ve always wanted.

Boost Happiness and Confidence

Achieving a beautiful smile is a smart investment in your overall quality of life. A cosmetic dentistry service as simple as teeth whitening can give you a renewed sense of confidence and allow you to feel more comfortable showing off your smile. But attractive teeth aren’t just about your self-esteem. A great-looking smile can also help you stand out in job interviews or during important meetings. And with the wide range of services available at Wynning Smiles in Huntington Beach, there’s something for everyone.

Studies show that when people have healthy, attractive teeth, they tend to smile a whole lot more and people see them as more friendly to be around. You could almost say that a smile makeover can affect everything from your personal and social life to your professional one, making it a priceless investment. You don’t have to hide your smile from the world any longer! Make 2023 the year you invest in yourself and boost your confidence.

Smile Enhancements for Every Budget

At Wynning Smiles, our dental clinic in Huntington Beach offers a variety of cosmetic dentistry services that will help you achieve your dream smile. Whether it’s getting porcelain veneers, clear aligners, cosmetic bonding, or professional teeth whitening, a smile makeover will help you look and feel your best.

As we discuss what you want to achieve, we’ll curate a customized treatment plan that includes the recommended treatment to help you achieve your goals. We’ll also discuss the pros and cons of each cosmetic procedure so that you can select the one that’s best for your lifestyle and budget.

Don’t let your budget stop you from getting the smile you deserve! At Wynning Smiles, we understand that not everyone has the financial means to pay for a dramatic smile makeover upfront. That’s why we offer affordable financing solutions to make it easier for you to budget for the smile of your dreams. We work with reputable financing companies that offer competitive interest rates and payment plans to fit your needs. In some cases, zero-interest financing is available.

For restorative treatments like porcelain crowns, implants, or white fillings, we may even be able to apply existing insurance coverage toward the total cost of your procedure.

Popular Cosmetic Options to Consider

Don’t hide your smile from the world.  A smile makeover can boost your confidence and happiness. At Wynning Smiles in Huntington Beach, there are a number of cosmetic dentistry treatments that can help you get the look you want. A few of the most popular options to consider include teeth whitening for brighter, whiter teeth; veneers for a flawless smile; bonding to repair chips and cracks; and Invisalign for straighter teeth. With the help of a dentist in Huntington Beach from our dental clinic, you can customize a smile makeover that fits your specific goals and priorities.

Get a New Smile for 2023

Are you looking for a better-looking you AND a confidence boost in the new year? A beautiful smile can make all the difference, and at Wynning Smiles in Huntington Beach, we specialize in smile makeovers to help you achieve the look you’ve been dreaming of. Whether you’re looking for a minor touch-up or a major change, we’re here to help.

When you come in for your smile makeover consultation, our friendly and knowledgeable dentist in Huntington Beach will perform a thorough exam and take X-rays to understand all of your dental health needs. We invite you to share photos of what you have in mind, whether it’s screenshots on your phone, a Pinterest board, or examples of what you’re looking for. We’ll also take impressions to create a custom treatment plan that will give you the results you want. Finally, we’ll review the plan with you to ensure it fits your lifestyle, budget, timeline, and personal preferences.

Our goal is to give you a beautiful smile that looks natural and healthy and helps you achieve the confidence you deserve. Simple changes in a few teeth may be all you need, while someone else wants a dramatic multi-tooth transformation.

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