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Tooth extraction in Huntington Beach, California

Tooth extraction is simple, not scary

We do our absolute best to preserve your natural teeth. But sometimes a tooth needs to come out. Most tooth extractions are a very simple procedure with a fast recover time – generally a couple of days. Contrary to popular belief, local anesthetics and modern techniques make tooth extractions relatively painless.

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My tooth hurts - what do I do?

Don’t wait and hope your tooth pain will go away on its own. Tooth pain has a number of potential causes, including an infection, impacted tooth, or damaged filling – and does not necessarily mean an extraction is needed. However, when a tooth does need to come out, it’s usually best done sooner than later.

Bottom line: if you’re experiencing tooth pain, give us a call so we can schedule you for an appointment. That’s the fastest way to help remedy the problem.

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Tooth extraction isn't just for wisdom teeth

Everyone has heard of wisdom teeth being removed – especially for teens and young adults. However, there are multiple other reasons why an adult may need a tooth extraction.

Excessive tooth decay, tooth infection, and overcrowding are all factors. While that may sound scary, most tooth extractions are routine, simple, and relatively painless. Teeth that are severely broken or sit below the gums may require a small surgical incision.

Did you know?

  • Using a local anesthetic, patients feel pressure, but not pain during tooth extractions
  • Tooth extraction is gentle and gradual – we first loosen the tooth with an instrument called an elevator before removal
  • Recovery for tooth extractions is pretty fast, though your diet and routine will be impacted for the first 24 hours
  • As you heal over the next few days, you can slowly reintroduce other foods into your diet